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Operation Round Up Report



2019 Grants

January 2019    
Putnam County Operation LIfe EMS Money went towards 2 Viking Series 800 MHZ portable radios $2.444.00
New Market Community Volunteer Fire Dept. Money went towards replacing existing and non-operational handheld area, portable area & scene lighting $6,016.49
Parke- Vermillion County Humane Society Money went toward replacing furnace and upgrade electrical and fix dryer venting/exhaust issues


Buddy Bag Program (Riverton Parke Jr/Sr High School) Money went to help provide needy students with food over the weekends $2,817.50
March 2019    
Mountie Mission Inc. To help provide new school clothes, school supplies, & backpacks to children in need. $1,000.00
Partnership Parke County To help with rental fee of Commercial Building at the Parke Co Fair for local venders to setup and showcase their services and products


Parke County 4-H Fair Inc To help with replacement of gutters on Commercial Building $4,000.00
Camp MoCoRobo Support for 20 campers to attend camp which helps them develop skills in computer programming, leadership and problem-solving $2,800.00
Clay County Historical Society Inc. To replace hazardous sidewalk on west side of museum. $3,000.00
June 2019    
Rockville Rotary Club to install water hydrants & fencing, rock for parking area, & overhead garage door on building at Parke County community garden. $4,000.00
J.U.G.A (Bellmore) Volunteer Fire Dep. to purhcase 8 medical response bags and all supplies necessary to fully stock them. $4,386.49

September 2019

Family Health & Help Center

to help replace automatic doors (Tormax TTXII Operator) & AED LifePak CR Plus/Express battery and pads $1,575.00
Phil The Need, Inc to help with software renewal and the purchase of a box truck for volunteers to use when distributing furniture/appliances to needy residents $9,000.00
Parke County Veterans Office to purchase a new computer to be able to complete claims for Parke County Veterans more quickly. $875.00
Parke County Community Food Pantry To purchase a pallet stacker to help stack pallets of food $2,000.00
Putnam County 4-H Poultry Club to help put cement floor & drainage in poultry barn $5,400.00
Marshall Volunteer Fire Dept to purchase a gear extractor to wash their gear to remove cancer causing carcinogens $5,675.00




2018 Grants

March 2018

Montgomery County Youth Service
This money will be used towards purchase of a laptop and software, hygiene bags along with creation of a video on how best to use hygiene products.  Will also be used to develop an animated video for the purpose of suicide prevention. $1,793.99
Russellville Community Volunteer Fire Department Money will be used to purchase two 800 mhz handheld radios.  The addition of these two radios will help with communications and safety to all responses. $9,696.66
Partnership Parke County This money will help with rental fee of the Commercial Building during the Parke County 4-H Fair.  Local vendors/exhibitors are invited to setup booth space which allows them to showcase their products/services and have interaction with the community. $500.00
Lyford Volunteer Fire Department Money will help purchase a portable pump to be used on their tanker truck.  The pump will also be able to be removed and used to pump water from creeks, ponds, rivers or any other static water source. $5,000.00
Southwest Parke Community Schools Money will help support the establishment of Innovation Labs in each elementary building.  These labs will contain materials and curriculum for STEM/STEAM activities to grow students in the 21st Century skills necessary for today's workforce. $5,000.00
June 2018    
J.U.G.A (Bellmore) Fire Department Money will be used toward the purchase of equipment for cardiace arrest management & training $3,370.96
Parke Heritage Dance Team This money will be used to assist with 50% of the start up costs associated with the dance team. $1,900.00
Parke County Sheriff's Office Money will be to help with the replacement of eleven bullet proof vests. $4,447.96
September 2018                                                                                                                             
MainStreet Rockville Money with be used to help with landscaping, weed control, signage & benches. $3,000.00






$957,801.00 has been awarded through September 2019!

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