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Operation Round Up®

How does it Work?


Operation Round Up® is just what its name implies. Each month, the electric cooperative simply "rounds up" the electric bills of participating members to the next highest dollar.


For example:
Member's monthly bill: $52.73
Rounded up: $53.00

.27 cents going to the Operation Round Up® Fund*

*Donations are tax deductible, and members are sent a summary of their yearly contributions each January and February.


Who are the Participants?

Participation in Operation Round Up® is strictly voluntary. Members will have an opportunity to choose whether or not to participate.

Where does my donation go?

All Operation Round Up™® donations are placed in a trust fund and administered by an independent Board of Directors. The Trust is made up of community leaders who serve on the Board on a voluntary basis. It is they who receive and evaluate all requests for funds and determine how they will be distributed. Typically, the funding is used to address crucial needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education, but it is not limited to these categories. Operation Round Up® funds may not be used for political purposes.

2019 Operation Round Up® Meetings


Deadline for submission 

January 7th

March 3rd

June 2nd

September 1st



The Trust does not provide grants for:

  • Fraternal, labor, political, religious or sectarian groups

  • For-profit business startups or development

  • Endowments or endowed chairs

  • Grant-making entities

  • Long-term funding

  • On-going support for operating costs

  • After-the-fact/post-event situations

  • Fund-raising events, post-prom, or post-graduation activities

  • Groups or individuals to attend seminars or to take field trips

  • Advertising

  • Payments of any type of utility bill


All requests must be made in writing. No personal presentations are accepted. All applications for funds will be given consideration. No faxed or electronically mailed copies will be accepted. Grant requests are considered on a quarterly basis and are made on a one-year basis. Re-application is necessary for consideration of a grant renewal.


The Trust receives numerous requests, therefore every request cannot be fulfilled either in full or part. We prefer to select those activities that provide the greatest benefit to individuals or to the community. The Trust will evaluate all programs based on community or individual need, practicality and feasibility.


How to Request a Grant

Operation Round Up® Report

Operation Round Up® Pictures