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Outage Information

Power Outages

Storms and other severe weather conditions are the most common cause of power outages. We always try to restore service as quickly as possible when an outage occurs. If your electricity should go off, first go to your main panel to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. If you have a meter on a pole, please check the breaker below the meter to see if it has tripped. Fuses must be replaced while breakers need only reset. If the problem is not in your main panel, call a neighbor to determine if other homes in the area have been affected. Parke County REMC is responsible for maintenance from the transformer to the meter. If the problem is not within your home's wiring or if several homes are involved, then call Parke County REMC at (800) 537-3913. Our personnel are here to serve you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays.

When you report an outage

Give us your name and address as it is listed on the bill or account number. If you know the cause of the outage, please describe it. (Example: a limb is on the line, a pole has been hit by a car, etc.) Informing us of the nature of the outage saves a great deal of our time and your inconvenience. Its is also important that we have the correct telephone number on file for your home or business. Please update your information online, write correction on payment stub, or simply call the office at (800) 537-3913.

Restoration of service during a major outage

During a major power outage, all Parke County REMC employees will be working to restore power as soon as possible. Power will be restored in the following order:

  • Restored first: Breaker stations and substations.
  • Restored second: Three-phase primary feeder lines.
  • Restored third: Two-phase primary feeder lines.
  • Restored fourth: Service drop individual homes.


Special attention will be given in the following order to:

  • Nursing homes.
  • Persons on life support systems and invalids.
  • Critical farming operations.
  • Emergency facilities.
  • Industry.

Please contact the office for further information at (800) 537-3913 concerning requirements for special attention orders as listed above.